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Peter Berglund  
#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 3, 2021 10:31:42 PM(UTC)
Peter Berglund

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We do a lot of productions with remote guests using Teams (NDI) or vMixCall. When they are not in full frame by themselves, we have composed different types of "PIP-layouts" with MultiView depending on type of session. And it works just fine and looks very good.

But the thing is that the used inputs are cropped to fit the designated PIPs. In other words, an incoming 16:9 video could be assigned to a 9:16 PIP for example in order to have three or more persons side by side so to say. And by cropping out a part of the input video, we often need to finetune the PAN X value for that MultiView input to get the character centered. This works fine as well, but you have to navigate into the settings dialogue in order to change parameters for the specific layer.

As this adds stress during live sessions, I would love to have a shortcut for PAN X which I could tie to a MIDI-knob (or a Skaarhoj encoder). In that way it would be really easy to reposition the content in the respected PIP on the fly. And as people tends to move around as well sideways during a session, having this function would be really handy as you then "dynamically" can finetune the position.

So, please add the following shortcuts for MultiView:

  • SetPanX
  • SetPanY
  • SetZoom

I hope more of you have use of this feature so it will be implemented :)

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Clem on 3/14/2021(UTC)
#2 Posted : Wednesday, March 3, 2021 11:13:43 PM(UTC)

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One could easily tie a shortcut to the pan/zoom settings to go in increments of move per keystroke on the fly

I believe this would also be a good use of the new dynamic feature in v24 to specify which one of the inputs the shortcut would apply
Yes it applies to the input ( or a virtual one) and depends on how you "designed" the multiview layout (masking or so) but IMO the layout would be preferable be a virtual set with UVmaps ( less issues with the framing, cropping and masking within the layout )
#3 Posted : Tuesday, March 9, 2021 10:39:37 PM(UTC)

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I second this request..!

Alternatively allow the Virtual PTZ control to pan without zooming (right now you HAVE to zoom 2x to allow a pan), so we can position the subjects head within the frame and add an overlay with a cut-out for the head-shot.

I would like to use a gamepad joystick to do this for the preview input to position each head in a multi-view PIP scenario.

We use 1080p camera feeds and 1080p program output, so 2x zoom reduces the quality of the head-shot and is not acceptable.

#4 Posted : Sunday, March 14, 2021 9:52:49 PM(UTC)

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This is a game changer shortcut for all digital event.

In top if that i would love to have :
Set crop
On/off layer number

If Someone has hack for this while waiting for this coming true I'm in.

#5 Posted : Friday, March 26, 2021 8:18:02 AM(UTC)

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This really gonna be a game changer for my live production.
Martin Block  
#6 Posted : Friday, March 26, 2021 1:07:28 PM(UTC)
Martin Block

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Hi Peter, here is a work around for up to 3 speakers/cameras using luma masks and panning with keystroke shortcosts (as doggy mentioned).
Instead of cropping your camera inputs, you create a Mask input (white box on a black back ground -2 layers) and output it in a mix input (you have Mix2,3 & 4 available). That mix you assign to you your camera feed as key/fill input.
That way you have a "cropped" camera shot in the shape of the white box you created.
You do this to all 3 camera inputs and then assign them in your desired position and size as a multiview.

Now you just have to pan the mask input by assigning shortcuts - SetPanX - you can do -0.3/-0.2/-0.1/0/0.1/0.2/0.3 as shortucts which should give you enough flexibility to move around and get the speaker in the center of your shot.
However, when you move the mask input your "cropped" camera input will also move and thus your multiview will be out of position. To counter act that you need to pan your camera input opposite to your mask pan. (e.g. you assign a shortcut key to pan the mask input by 0.1 and that same shortcut key to pan the camera input by -0.1)

And of course you do this with dynamic inputs so that you don't have to use too many shortcuts keys.

This way you avoid going into settings. I am not sure though if this is worth the effort :-)

Hope this helps

#7 Posted : Sunday, March 28, 2021 8:14:01 AM(UTC)

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#8 Posted : Thursday, April 1, 2021 10:45:06 AM(UTC)

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