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#1 Posted : Friday, April 9, 2021 9:55:28 AM(UTC)

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Hi vMix team & community,

To set the scene, the type of events we stream are very heavy on powerpoint slide decks as an element Picture by Picture with live camera, then switching between full frame camera. These presentations are quite often supplied by the client within an hour of an event going live (so very little time to become familiar).

The problem we find with the PowerPoint integration, is that unless the main powerpoint input is in preview or program, there is no visual indication which slide number you are on (eg slide 13 of 34). This is not ideal when we need to follow a script that calls for slide numbers and it could be very easy for us to be on the wrong slide without knowing.

In short, it would be fantastic if somewhere within vMix there could be a constant readout of slide X of Y for any slide decks you may have loaded. It could be simply embedded somewhere on the screen itself, via the Controller web interface or a kind of pop-out window of some description, or even simpler, that the controls appears even on virtual inputs linked the original slide input and/or when they are a layer of a Multiview.

Could I please ask that such an option could be added to the updates agenda. It would make the PowerPoint integration far more useful and powerful.

Kind regards,

#2 Posted : Friday, April 16, 2021 10:59:35 AM(UTC)

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Hi Cam,

maybe an alternative way of doing this, I give my example of how I run PPT for my customers, Sales and All Employee Events.

I have on one PC/laptop on the same network as my VMIX system the Powerpoint running, then i take the laptop HDMI out as a input video feed into Vmix.
I also use the free NDI tools Scan Converter to capture the PPT screen.
The great thing about this is that when you use PPT in presenter mode, on the HDMI output is the Current PPT slide and on the laptop screen is shown
the current and next slide. Using NDI tools capture the next slide for a NDI input into VMIX.

Now you have Current/Next slide inputs into VMIX and can format them in mnay ways. I use a screen format back to the Presenter to so they can see themselves
the Current slide they are on / the next slide and a countdoen timer.
Great for remote presenters. I also provide them a bespoke designed remote clicker they use on their phone/laptop.

Now with NDI you can see the slides shared on another laptop/pc setup with a display or two and using the NDI tool - Studio Monitor, you can open this
many times on the laptop to show the NDI channels being output from the Scan converter as well as VMIX ouputs(put the next slide on say Vmix output 4).
You then can see the current/next slides easily.

One big benefit of running PPT direct from a laptop this way is that VMIX does not run the animations, whereas this way you will see animation or other
features you include in yor PPT.

KR Ian
#3 Posted : Friday, April 16, 2021 12:24:44 PM(UTC)

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Hi Ian, thanks for your reply.

We are indeed also setup for the scenario you've mentioned (our standard setup has two further PC sources over NDI) and using one of these for PowerPoint will be the workflow when we're handed presentations with animations, etc, but this is more about a feature request to make the inbuilt PowerPoint function more useful (rather than alternative methods), but I completely agree that running PowerPoint off a separate system does give better visual feedback when in presenter mode.

To give some further context to why we are looking to keep the core function of our streams 'in the box' is we will have various skill levels of operators jumping onto these systems, and our plan is to keep all fundamental controls via a single steamdeck, rather than the operators worrying about controlling multiple devices.

Hope that makes sense.


#4 Posted : Sunday, April 3, 2022 9:28:30 AM(UTC)

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+1 ! Please this is a must. Same for a video as a layer to see the remaining time.
#5 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 9:55:19 PM(UTC)

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What I've resorted to doing

Create a scene where
Main = Blank
Layer 1 = PTZ camera
Layer 2 = PowerPoint (use edit to resize and position)

OnTransitionIn > Input:PreviewInput > [PowerPoint input] with 500ms delay

[key] LayerOnOff for layer 2 of the scene

Slideshow settings
- remove Loop
- set timing to 0s

General tab of input
- restart on transition in

Once this template is set up, we can switch PowerPoint inputs (using the Change button on the top right) and the trigger, shortcut, and slideshow settings should apply to new PowerPoint.

You can also make the PowerPoint an overlay instead of a layer. You'll have to click the PowerPoint input to put it into the preview window in order to access the controls. My lead won't let me do that as he thinks it gets too complicated for the other volunteers. We're a church.
#6 Posted : Monday, August 29, 2022 10:59:33 PM(UTC)

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working a lot with ppt and custom fonts my experience is that a second computer used for the ppt is the best way. I use some external tool like https://internetclicker.com/ to allow remote control of the slides. This way the slides are more of an input and not much to control from the operator perspective. It might make sense to have a dedicated person to manage the presentations or send out the instructions and links.
You can use vMixcall on top to bring in remote guests.
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