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#1 Posted : Tuesday, January 29, 2019 10:52:14 AM(UTC)

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I know there is a limitation on MIDI where you can't have your MIDI controller show one color if the source is off (say, red), one if it is in preview (yellow), and one if it is in program (green).

However, I'd love that functionality in Stream Deck. Given the limited number of buttons. It would be great to have a "default" state, followed by a preview state and a program state. I don't know if there is a limitation of the API. I have it set up to do this and unfortunately it isn't working.

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Rockyrobins on 3/15/2019(UTC)
#2 Posted : Saturday, August 1, 2020 9:06:22 AM(UTC)

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Is there a way to do this with stream deck?
#3 Posted : Thursday, August 13, 2020 4:34:02 AM(UTC)

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Just hit this myself. Would be great if you could stack activators and the lowest one in the list that is 'True' sets the button colour.

I'd assumed it worked that way, and that's what activators can be reordered, but it seems not.
#4 Posted : Thursday, August 13, 2020 6:08:24 PM(UTC)

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Maybe I don't get it 100% but you are able to create two shortcuts and assign them to the same stream deck button. Maybe that helps
#5 Posted : Saturday, September 5, 2020 2:39:42 AM(UTC)

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+1 on this. Need multiple activators per key so that stream deck button colors can change between more than two states (default plus whatever). Use case: Button has a default color. Press to preview input it turns green. When tat input goes live, the button turns red. Currently this is not possible. But if I use Companion (a third party Stream Deck program), it works like a charm. Be nice if vMix could do this natively.
Paul Fuhrmann  
#6 Posted : Saturday, September 5, 2020 6:51:17 AM(UTC)
Paul Fuhrmann

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So i think you want visualize the usage status of an specific input on the streamdeck. Whis is connected to the corresponding go to preview go to prograam with the same input number.

This sounds like tally lights (bicolor mode) for me. Good that vMix is cappable of sending tally information out of the box. Via an arduino sdk or the web controller. So this can be harvested for data inquiry.
Simple Logic: Off=0=BLACK(Blue), PRV=1=Green, PGM=2=RED

Harvest the tally status from the tally or the controller web page. Map the Data to the Background Color of the Streamdeck. Or convert it to RGB values to any MIDI-Pad Controller.

Practical solutions:

- Bitfocus Companion

I think this is to advanced for Companion 2.0 as far as know. You can inquire external data like osc values or network timer signals (e.g Irisdown countdown timer) but you can only display them on the buttons. As far as i know. Rumors say this will be possible in version 3.0 but we will see.

- Fridie Interactive Universe Showcontrol

Universe is a Software wich allows to build controlsurfaces for Media Intallations and Boardrooms and can raplace crestron control systems entirly. But there is also the ability to do show control jobs like the comapanion webcontroller. But you can ad x-y pads slider and a graphical layout.

Most controls for common hardware and software is predefined. But not all and every control command is defined completly (like in companion too).
But vMix is in the list, as well as Streamdeck for input and ouput (streamdeck output is picture only like the oroginal streamdeck software)
Also there is the ability to apply logic, timelines, calander based events. and to inquire external data. Unfortunatly data from vMix is not predefined (In the list are Powerpoint, Watchout, ventuz, PandorasBox)
You can create graphical and text responeses and apply math and logic rules to internal and external values in universe. Which is what you want.

Universe costs around 800 bucks. You can send requests of new feature integration, and they will get implimented from time to time. There is the option to demand features and controlcomannds immediatly/spacific date but they will charge a fee (like in companion too)

- Ben Kuperberg Chataigne

Chataigne is like a blend of Companion and Universe. It is Free and mostly open source. But there are little Devices Protocols predefined. Also Chataigne isnt focused on UI design like Universe and understands itself more then a logic machine.
The vMix commands must be applied by hand but streamdeck is predifened for pressed button=in and display=out.(Streamdeck output is color and picture)
[I build myself the companion surface by hand in chataigne with ten pages only and dynamicaly changing pictures/numbers and colors. This is not fast and changes take lot of time but it gets the job done

Further and Advanced Control:

SO if you can style the button than you can also change the behavoir of the button.
lets say: If Button-01 is Black and you Press it the Input(01) will set to preview. If Button-01 is Green and you Press it the Input(01) will set to Program.
If Button-01 is Red and you Press it the Input(01) will set to Nothing (most safe).

This can be archived by decoupling butten press with a direct action, and apply a second layer of logic wich compares the tally status and laucnhes different actions for each tally vallue triggered by the press of the button. (simple: if: Tally=green & button01=pressed then set input01 to Program)
Both are logic wich can be programmed in universe and chataigne.

Closing remarks:

Creating a control surface in this way takes a lot of time, and makes only sense if you found yourself a way to structurise your workflow. Best is to do the same/similar show often. Like if you are in house of whoreship, college sports, or web stream/talkshow with the same recipie for every show. And you have figuered out how to implement additional video inputs, calls, lower thirds, design changes quickly ( dont forgot audio routing and yes external controls stage additionaly on top.)

For myself i work in rental industry, whre the more intresting projects are unique and the custimer wants his demands quickly dony. If i need an streamdeck i start with an blank companion file, and i build all controls within an hour. I often came in the sitioation that with growing pojects i have to structurize my surface entirly because demands grow. [i mostly start with a static/hardware layot-pages and philosophy but need to change then to a scene based page layout if it gets complex)
Most of any Problems i had was caused by my self. Copypasting controls, reanaming them but forgot to change the real value send. ( Mostly becuase the projects demand "one extra lower thirds quick, you know the drill) And also the fact that there is not much space to test everything entiryly.

Not everytime you can do something it is good to do/use it.

Keep this in mind by building yourself convenient but extremly complex control structures.

Greetings Paul
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