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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 11, 2020 10:48:43 PM(UTC)

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Here is a very simple script that will work with a countdown timer made in GT designer - dropbox link attached.

as it gets closer to the end of the countdown it goes from green (plus 5 mins) to yellow (5 - 2 mins) to red (0 - 2 mins) and flashes red/white once it runs out of time.

It uses the countdownclock.gtzip which is just a simple countdown timer.

Its been working on multiple events and keeping speakers to time as best as possible, as we send it back on a reverse feed on all the vimxcallers.

As far as I can tell It does not handle time that crosses midnight - as most of the events I do are across the day its not been an issue.

Hope someone finds it useful or as a bit of a jump start into scripting in vmix, as there is not much to go on sometimes.



here's is the script for vmix scripting.

dim i As Integer
dim time1 as String
dim hourset as String
dim minset as String
dim secset as String
dim Timemake as string
dim date1 as DateTime
dim remainingtime as TimeSpan
dim rightnow as dateTime
dim flashx as Boolean
dim tClose as Integer
dim tAlmost as Integer

' set parameters
flashx = false
i = 1
tClose = (5*60) ' set to 5 mins - is number of seconds
tAlmost = (2*60) ' set to 2 mins - - is number of seconds

Do Until i = 2

' if you don't have countdownclock.gtzip and a field called Countdown.Text it won't do much
dim content as string = Input.Find("countdownclock.gtzip").Text("CountDown.Text")
'Console.WriteLine(System.DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString + " " + content)
rightnow = DateTime.Now
hourset = content.Substring(3,2)
minset = content.Substring(6,2)
secset = content.Substring(9,2)

Timemake = hourset & ":" & minset &":" & secset
date1 = Convert.ToDateTime(Timemake)
Catch ex As System.Exception
' nothing
End Try
remainingtime = date1.Subtract(rightnow)
console.Writeline("Time Left -" +remainingtime.TotalSeconds.Tostring)

If remainingtime.TotalSeconds > tClose then
Else if remainingtime.TotalSeconds < tAlmost then
End if

' Flash when out of time.
if remainingtime.TotalSeconds < 1 then
if flashx = true then
flashx = false
flashx = true
End if
End if

Sleep (300)

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samirbridi on 7/1/2021(UTC)
#2 Posted : Monday, October 12, 2020 1:45:49 AM(UTC)

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Hi Alexbyrd, the dropbox link isnt functional.
#3 Posted : Tuesday, October 13, 2020 3:51:38 AM(UTC)

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link fixed - thanks for letting me know.
#4 Posted : Wednesday, June 30, 2021 7:29:11 AM(UTC)

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Hi I thought the script idea maybe good for those who want to use on the VMIX GT Timers,
so have rewritten to work on the input you set the VMIX GT Timer on and
use the API to compare the countdown time checks.

Also as defined below have set variables so you can change several settings

InputNo = The Input the GT Timer is on
countdowncolor = The default colour of the countdown

wrapuptime = Presenters first warning for color change i.e 5 minutes = 500
wrapuptimecolor = Colour change for Presenters first warning i.e YELLOW

finalcall = Presenters Second warning for color change i.e 2 minutes = 200
finalcallcolor = Colour change for Presenters second warning i.e RED

flashcolor = When reach 00:00:00 the colour to flash with finalcallcolor

Countdown time checks are calculated by taking the time string and converting to Integer to compare
i.e string "00:05:00" = 5 minutes left = 500. so for example the wrapuptime variable is 500
The countdown value will always be lower than the check values in this format.

'** Color Changing Countdown timer for standard VMIX GT timer - TimerCentre.gtzip **
'** Set variables for your required colour change times

'** InputNo = The input the time is setup on i.e input = 4
Dim InputNo as Integer = 24
'** Set the Countdown timer color when started.
dim countdowncolor AS String = "Orange"

'** wrapuptime = The first time color change to warn time nearly up
'** Countdown Time HH:MM:SS is converted to an integer. 01:10:00 = 11000
'** so 5 minute wrapup is 00:05:00 = 500.
dim wrapuptime as Integer = 500
dim wrapuptimecolor AS String = "Yellow"

'** finalcall = The second time colour change to warn end of presenting
'** Countdown Time HH:MM:SS is converted to an integer. 01:10:00 = 11000
'** so 2 minute finalcall is 00:02:00 = 200.
dim finalcall as Integer = 200
dim finalcallcolor AS String = "Red"

'** Set the flash colour with the finalcallcolor when countdown 00:00:00
dim flashcolor AS String = "Black"

'** set parameters
dim flashtimer as Boolean
dim x as new system.xml.xmldocument
Dim HHMMSS As String()
dim i as integer
dim timevar AS String
flashtimer = false
i = 1

Do Until i = 2


'Fetch the current countdown time ************************************
dim xmlct As string = x.SelectSingleNode("//input[" & InputNo & "]/text[1]/text()").value

'** Create a time string HHMMSS ***************************************
HHMMSS = xmlct.Split(New Char() {":"c})
timevar = HHMMSS(0) & HHMMSS(1) & HHMMSS(2)

' Convert Time String HHMMSS into a integer i.e 00:05:00 = 500 *******
dim timevarint as integer = Convert.toInt32(timevar)

'** Check if countdowntimer reached wraptuptime and finalcall **********
If timevarint > wrapuptime then
Else if timevarint < finalcall then
End if

' Flash timer when out of time timevarint is 00:00:00 = 0
if timevarint < 1 then
if flashtimer = true then
flashtimer = false
flashtimer = true
End if
End if

Sleep (1000)
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samirbridi on 7/1/2021(UTC)
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